Like all good things in the past they, eventually, make a comeback. No matter how many trends and “latest and greatest” hits pop up along the way, the OG’s still stand strong.

And this certainly goes for those great meals that Grandma always had ready and waiting on Sundays, for the whole family to sit down and enjoy.

Where is this coming from you ask? The ever-present Millennials! Yes, if you haven’t gotten on board by now, it’s time. Especially with so many of them becoming parents, and wanting that authentic, “homegrown”, experience these days.

Plus, with them being such an enormous part of the population that now has more spending power, they want to put their hard-earned dollars towards the restaurants that can offer that “original” feel. No flashy slogans or catchy phrases that some huge restaurant conglomerate has put together in their boardroom.

Instead, they want that “out of grandma’s kitchen” without having to make the drive out there. They are always on the go, aren’t as confident in the kitchen as the generation before them, or looking for opportunities for a “share” novel things on social media.

Everything old becomes new again, and that goes for the food. Retro t-shirts, décor, and locations are all the rage with this generation, and it continues with their food. So, taking advantage of this and bringing the “Sunday meal” full circle for any day of the week, is a sure fire bet all over the country.

So, enter stage-left the fast casual dining concept that has taken a large foot hold in society today, especially these days. The ability to get a wholesome meal in a fraction of the time is appealing to more than just millennials. 

It’s a winner for the soccer moms trying to feed her kids good food versus processed junk food, the corporate employee who’s too tired to spend 2 hours in the kitchen cooking, or the single person household who doesn’t want to have a bunch of leftovers.

Plus, with so many menu options in that genre, everyone can have just what they want, leaving no one unhappy with what’s being served. And they can walk away feeling better about what they just consumed versus regretting the calorie spend.

Also, who’s going to turn away having a side of mac and cheese “just like Grandma used to make on Sundays”? Because society is searching for as much “authenticity” these days as they can get, any restaurant that can offer that will stand out above the rest and not fade into the masses.