We are certainly in some “uncharted waters” with having to figure out how to navigate during this COVID-19 pandemic. We have seen, and heard stories, of restaurants all over the world take a massive hit because of it. Thousands of them closing their doors left and right.

But, not to worry, there are some solutions that we have already put into action, and seen others do as well, to try and ride these rough waters and still bring in some revenue.

And creativity will surely be your friend during this time!

Here are a few that we’d like to share with you:

Of course, GrubHub, Postmates, UberEats, and all the sort is an easy answer during this time with most of them now offering Free Delivery for users, which is definitely attractive while the world tightens their purse strings. If you are in a location that this is a possibility, then we certainly recommend taking advantage of this, as every little bit helps.

With that being said, starting up a delivery service of your own is also another option for you. Feel free to let your database of customers know that they can come directly to you with online or phone orders, and you’ll be happy to deliver to them.

As always, the take-out and pick-up choices are the “old faithful’s” as well. I would even challenge some of the non-fast-casual locations to offer this. Your customers just might surprise you.

Another creative one to add in is to encourage customers to purchase gift cards at a discount for use in the future. It creates an influx of cash to your location while you’re having to operate during this lean time.

Give your customers something fun to do at home while they’re practicing shelter-in-place. Offer “meal kits” for them, and their families, to participate in some of the assembly or meal prep with your dishes. Whether it’s a “pasta kit”, “taco pack”, or “pizza bundle” the ideas are endless, and are sure to entice your customers.

Think outside the box to offer options that you might not have otherwise done. The advantage that most restaurants have is the suppliers with all kinds of food and products that the public needs. Why not pivot a bit and offer a “pop up shop” where they can purchase food, and other much needed items for their households. We have seen a few operators choose to do this in their parking lots where they only allow so many patrons in at a time, and can keep the required 6ft apart.

Any, or all of these, can surely help those restaurants that are choosing to stay open during this time. Don’t shy away from having fun with it too! A little smile goes a long way!