In and out, quick and easy, and better quality than a drive-thru.  Introverts rise, for the return of the curbside pickup is here! 

With the Coronavirus laying waste everywhere to normal procedures for restaurants, a veteran of eating out in style has once more arisen. Unwilling to shutdown and take losses, many restaurants have taken up the online ordering method of casual dining, and the majority are finding that it shouldn’t be too difficult to keep in place moving forward. Beyond just casual dining and drive thru are available now for curbside pickup. Many nicer chains who have adopted the style as a means of simply keeping the lights on are going to be sticking with the idea, varying on location. 

As most establishments are equipped with some sort of electronic point of service system to log inventory or take orders, setting up some semblance of an internet ordering system wasn’t too tough of a leap. In fact, with food delivery companies such as DoorDash and Uber Eats it has never been easier to get not only a plate, but a brand out there to the local area as well. 

The expansion doesn’t stop at nicer restaurants; stores are getting in on the action too! Finally the economy is affected in our favor! Larger retail chains that tried curbside pickup of products are seeing that consumers enjoy the simplicity of being able to shop online and then head down the street to pick it up the second its ready. If you listen closely you can hear pizza companies laughing in the distance.

The curbside pickup method is not only back but, it is making headway across all different kinds of businesses. Keep an eye out for more companies in your area that are switching over to online ordering or faster purchasing options. 

However, our heralded king will always be… not having to cook for ourselves. Take a look at delivery service apps and the company websites to see if curbside pickup is available. Like our food… it may just be around the corner.