One thing that’s always important to remember, as a restaurant, is that by supporting the community that you reside in can come back tenfold to your bottom line.

And we’d love to share a few of those ideas with you, so that you can put any, or all, in to action in your local community.

One of our favorites, partner with nonprofit organizations. With so many of them out there, the options are endless! And to get involved with one that is local to you is even better. Supporting a cause can actually help you bring in more business. It draws new customers to you because these days there are so many “socially conscious” consumers out there, more than happy to support a cause. It’s a win-win! The nonprofit gets more support, and your restaurant gets more exposure, goodwill, and sales.

 Choosing an event where you and your staff can volunteer. And ask your team to pick the event. This is another great way to give back, as well as get in some always necessary teambuilding with your employees. Plus, it creates more buzz and excitement around the event, as well as in your staff. And, what a great way to give back.

Offer deals to other local businesses. What a great way to let the community know that you’re all about being a team player, and supporting ALL businesses with an option like this. You can offer a discount to the employees of the local hospital, or healthcare workers, or in other industries around your location.

Source your ingredients locally. This has taken like wildfire all over the country. When a patron can sit down to eat and know that they’re eating great food, and supporting the farmer down the road, it makes the experience all the better. Plus, if you can offer seasonal ingredients on your menu, this gives you the option to have a “seasonal signature” item that changes throughout the year, and peaks the locals interest about what you’ll offer next.

Give a portion of sales on a particular day. Pick a local charity, and then advertise that on a specific day that a certain percentage of sales will be donated to that charity of choice. This is another way for your customers to feel like they’re doing good as well, and that can go a long way.

All of these are great ways to let the community know that you’re more than just a business. And that you’re there to stay. Just like a smile, giving back goes farther than just the action taken to do so.