After having been shut down due to the Coronavirus, restaurants everywhere had to think fast to keep food going out and people coming in. Some of these changes that have been made out of necessity are most likely going to be around for the foreseeable future.

            For example, a large number of local establishments are doing away with appetizers all together. What started by a means of keeping contact to a minimum is turning out to be a gateway to an experience capable of more variety. Businesses are shifting away from “a plate for the table” more towards “a small plate for everyone.” With any luck this will put an end to all the “I only want one” people we seem to find ourselves out with. Leaving right out the door with them will be the large party seating.

            And secondly, you better call ahead! No more showing up with ten+ people and pulling tables together. Servers everywhere will be excited to find out that many places are now requiring that you call ahead to make a large reservation, depending on the size of your party and the location. This is in order to keep tables and guests at a reasonable six-foot distance apart. Not all restaurants will be able to accommodate these new rules, which, is sadly why we’re seeing a lot of diners, and older chains close their doors.

Lastly, for the ones who don’t have time for the large party or don’t feel the need for a small plate, your day of delight has arrived in the form of the heralded lunch menu! Restaurants everywhere are finding the portions are too large and too pricey for current conditions. People want to stop in and get out. This is why many places are considering firing up their own all-day lunch menus. 

What bringing back curbside pickup did for restaurants everywhere was hand the indisputable proof that décor and environment is not the product. The people just want to eat! The spike of curbside pickup shows us that the online ordering method is more than valid, but what we’re seeing behind the scenes is that more often than not people are looking for good food at a good price, and not as interested in ambiance. The restaurateur path to the quick and easy dining style looks to now have more traffic than ever before.