Will dining out ever be the same again? Hard to say, but it can survive and thrive. 

Restaurants everywhere are opening back up, and we can all stop pretending to master bread bakers Dining establishments of all shapes, sizes, and styles are coming back, but be ready for them to look different.

As most of our favorite places are already opening up or at least beginning the process of doing so, restaurants are having to make big changes to comply with local health ordinances, so they may not necessarily look like they’re back to normal. But it’s not a bad thing. It may be a little bit more difficult to get a reservation, but dare I say it could be worth the wait? 

Different looking – yes, but how? Most businesses will have a capacity limit meaning less customers and staff, distance between set tables – or less tables all together, and likely a different menu. This is also because of a cut to staffing and thus production where the food is obtained. Is this such a bad thing though? I love the idea that a little extra preparedness will start paying some dividends. In addition to all of these changes, because indoor seating is going to be filling up, a lot of places are opening up or adding on outdoor seating, leading to streets and sidewalks being shutdown to accommodate additional outdoor seating.  

For those still sheltering in place and remaining at home, they can check out delivery apps or favorite local restaurants to see what curbside pickup and delivery options may be available.